Monday, December 29, 2008

They said it...not me

For the record, I'm an extremely humble individual. I've actually been accused of being too humble at times, but I disagree wholeheartedly. I've read interviews and have been in the company of more than enough individuals that do nothing but brag about their accomplishments and how good they are at what they do. That's not me. However, I am very confident and I do believe that God has blessed me with a special talent when it comes to writing, but I don't need to brag about it to boost my own ego.

Actually, all I need to do is promote my product and make sure I get one of my books into the hands of as many readers as possible, and then let them tell me what they think. In music, literature and just about every other form of entertainment, people try to make themselves larger than life..."I'm the King of Pop" "I'm the Queen of Soul" Isn't Bobby Brown the current reining King of R&B?

As far as the writing goes, the only title that I've ever taken on is, "The least known, last forgotten." The reason I chose that is because people often tell me, “I never heard of you,” when I’m trying to tell them about one of my books. Then they email a week later and in most cases tell me that I’ve inherited a loyal reader for life. So, I don’t need the titles or the crowns that come along with being royalty. I'm content with letting my work speak for itself. Reader feedback is the best feedback for me, because it lets me know if my target audience felt that I did my job and if they appreciate my work. Good or bad, that’s the most important feedback for me.

I just found out the following news which brought a smile to my face:

OOSA Online Book Club listed Nan: The Game of Trife as one of the best books of 2008. They also had this to say about yours truly...

"Moses Miller more than satisfied his readers with the release of his highly anticipated sequel, NAN: THE GAME OF TRIFE. He has again packed all the right elements into his latest endeavor. Miller is incomparable. Wine is not the only thing that gets better with time."

ARC Book Club listed Nan: The Game of Trife as one of the Most Anticipated Sequels of 2008 and one of the best book covers as well.

Last but certainly not least, the Mocha Moments Readers had this to say....

There's Beethoven, Bach, Einstein, Dr. King and Barack Obama all icons of their time and true history makers and breakers and then............ there's Moses Miller. Ok who is this man and where and how does he find the time to entertain us readers in the manner that he does? The Game of Trife definitely picks up where The Trifling Times of Nathan Jones left us "hangin'". Moses doesn't disappoint not one bit with this sequel, it has all the action of a silver screen movie and flows like a melodic tune. Page turner is not the word I'd use to describe this book at all! I swear Moses makes us readers feel such a part of the book. He's definitely turning the literary world upside down and while he does that I sit anxiously with baited breath waiting for him to amaze me again!!!!

Purchasing the Trifling Times of Nathan Jones.......... $14.95
Purchasing Once Upon a Time in Harlem.....................$12.11
Purchasing Nan: The Game of Trife..............................$14.95
Tickets to the 2009 Presidential Inaugural Ball..........$1000.00
Reading a Moses Miller masterpiece....................PRICELESS!!!!!
What are you waiting for? Now go out and buy all three, my name is Carla and I approve this message!!!!!

Thank you, ARC, OOSA, Mocha Moments Readers and every other reader that has taken a chance with one of my books!!! And remember, they said it...not me!

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